Software Products

Mysher has many years of experience in software development such as image processing, professional scanning and video conferencing. We provide a complete software solution scheme and custom software development services. Our software includes: OfficeCam document scanning software, CamBook book scanning software, VisualCam visualizer software, scanner TWAIN, CmScan image scanning software, SDK development kit, and ViiTALK ROOMS cloud video conferencing system. By integrating the advantages of Mysher's software, hardware products can be made even more powerful and superior!

ViiBoard Interactive Whiteboard Software

ViiBoard is an interactive visualizer software specially designed for Android or Windows Interactive Flat-Panel Displays. With this powerful visualizer software, teachers can draw and add annotate on the screen with various annotation tools. It also allows teachers to capture the screen image or record the video content during the demonstration. You can even pinch-to-zoom, rotate, mirror, flip, and freeze the image with its multipoint touch feature or enable the split-screen to compare the photos to enhance your classroom experience.

VisualCam Visualizer Software

VisualCam is a multi-functional education visualizer software specially designed for visualizers, it provides a full-screen window and various annotation functions that allows you directly add annotations on the live window by using the free-hand drawing tools, enable the mask or spotlight modes, zoom, and rotate the image, freeze the live video, change the resolution, and adjust brightness. With this powerful visualizer software, you can easily present or pre-record any teaching materials in various ways, like taking snapshots, recording videos by enabling picture-in-picture, scanning documents, creating stop motion videos, comparing images by split-screen, or using the interactive whiteboard function and more.

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