Video Conferencing Device

MYSHER offers a diverse range of video conferencing devices, including options such as 4K pluggable high-definition video cameras designed for use with IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Displays), USB web cameras, multi-functional all-in-one video cameras, Bluetooth speakerphones, and neck-hanging wireless microphones. These products are widely utilized across various video conferencing scenarios, providing users with high-quality and convenient video experiences.

AB03 conference speakerphone

The AB03 is the portable conference speakerphone that rewards you with plug-and-play connectivity for connecting to meeting room disply, laptop, and smartphone via bluetooth pairing or USB wired connections. To let you feel free at any edge of the office room, AB03 packs itself with crystal-clear sound, including the 360 ̊ omnidirectional voice pick-up, build-in 6 microphones array, full duplex, and audio DSP technologies without echoes or distorted sounds even at max volume level. To enhance your conference call experience, AB03 is fully compatible with commonly used calling software, gives you the power to turn anywhere into a conference room.

V2 2.4G Wireless Microphone

This 360-degree omnidirectional microphone device is a perfect solution for conference calls using USB or 2.4GHz wireless connections. It can be easily used in any video conference meeting or any personal video chat.

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