Video Conferencing Devices

The cloud-based video conferencing device ViiTALK is designed for both personal and industry users to communicate in a high-efficiency way. This video conferencing system is developed independently by Mysher and is easy to use and setup on the video devices, computers, mobile phones or tablets. Users are able to achieve a real-time high-definition video conference with friends and customers all over the world shortly. Our video conferencing devices adopt private cloud server deployment to guarantee the video call with features such as multi-party call, wireless screen sharing, and electronic whiteboard. For more details about the ViiTAlK, please visit the ViiTALK webpage at

CT3 Pluggable Camera

Mysher’s CT3 is a pluggable video camera specifically designed for meeting room display, it comes with a 120° wide-angle lens, 4-array noise reduction microphone, and a 30-pin slot giving you the ability to integrate this camera directly into an interactive flat panel or a commercial display. Thanks to the ViiCam camera control software, it provides 4K@30fps video quality, H.265 compression, face tracking, and sound localization features to bring you an amazing video conferencing experience.

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