Software Products

Mysher has many years of experience in software development such as image processing, professional scanning and video conferencing. We provide a complete software solution scheme and custom software development services. Our software includes: OfficeCam document scanning software, CamBook book scanning software, VisualCam visualizer software, scanner TWAIN, CmScan image scanning software, SDK development kit, and ViiTALK ROOMS cloud video conferencing system. By integrating the advantages of Mysher's software, hardware products can be made even more powerful and superior!

ViiCheck Roll Call Software

Mysher brings an advanced face recognition system into the classroom, ViiCheck allows you to quickly and accurately count the attendance status of each student. This new method implements a classroom roll call system based on face detection technology, helps teachers reduce the time taken for roll call, increases classroom attendance, and improves teaching effects. Coming Soon!

ViiCam Camera Control App

Support 4K@30fps video decoding<br/> H.265 Video Compression<br/> ePTZ Auto Framing<br/> Voice Tracking<br/> Audio 3A Algorithm<br/>

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