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VisualCam Visualizer Software

VisualCam is a multi-functional education visualizer software specially designed for visualizers, it provides a full-screen window and various annotation functions that allows you directly add annotations on the live window by using the free-hand drawing tools, enable the mask or spotlight modes, zoom, and rotate the image, freeze the live video, change the resolution, and adjust brightness. With this powerful visualizer software, you can easily present or pre-record any teaching materials in various ways, like taking snapshots, recording videos by enabling picture-in-picture, scanning documents, creating stop motion videos, comparing images by split-screen, or using the interactive whiteboard function and more.





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Full-Screen Live Window

With the full-screen viewing window, you can zoom in/out, freeze the video streaming, rotate the image, adjust the brightness, adjust the focus, add annotate, and change resolution in this Visualize mode.


With the Spotlight feature, you can manually crop an area to focus the attention of the audience on a spot. 


With the Split-Screen feature, you can connect two document cameras or compare images to your computer and present them on split-screen mode.

Picture-in-Picture Video Recording

The Picture-in-Picture feature is convenient for your live demonstration or video recording. You can use the main screen to show what you're working on and the sub-screen to show yourself talking.


The unique stop motion video feature provides a live preview with a semi-transparent ghost image overlay that allows you to see the next shot and make even the tiniest of adjustments before capturing the frame.


Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard function turns your computer into a blank canvas, you can use the whiteboard tools such as the pen, eraser, lines, and basic shapes for drawing and annotation.

CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or higer
RAM 8GB RAM minimum, 16GB RAM recommended.
Hard Disk The installation and operation of the program requires 1G disk space. You can scan more images if the disk space is bigger. The recommended storage is 20G.
Operating System Windows® 10 or later
Connectivity USB / Wi-Fi
Features Live annotation, mask, spotlight, picture-in-picture, snapshot, recording, scaling, rotate, mirror, freeze the live video, change the resolution, adjust exposure, stop motion, document cropping, split-screen, and interactive whiteboard.