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ViiBoard Interactive Whiteboard Software

ViiBoard is an interactive visualizer software specially designed for Android or Windows Interactive Flat-Panel Displays. With this powerful visualizer software, teachers can draw and add annotate on the screen with various annotation tools. It also allows teachers to capture the screen image or record the video content during the demonstration. You can even pinch-to-zoom, rotate, mirror, flip, and freeze the image with its multipoint touch feature or enable the split-screen to compare the photos to enhance your classroom experience.





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Features Overview

ViiBoard gives various visualizer tools that allow teachers to show the teaching materials and 
enhance the demonstration with a full-touch experience.

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Multipoint Simultaneous Touch
Easy to Zoom Every Detail

With the pinch-to-zoom feature, you can simply use two fingers on the touch screen to zoom in and out of the live image. 
You can even palm on the screen to move the live image to see every detail.



Multiple Snapshot Modes

ViiBoard provides multiple snapshot options, it allows you to take a full-screen snapshot, set a timer shooting, or crop a specific area 
by using your camera, you can even add annotation on the live image before taking a snapshot.



Various Annotate Tools

ViiBoard provides a variety of pen tools that allow teachers to draw or annotate on the image, no matter for an instant classroom test, 
your students can use the various pen tools to fill the answer by setting different colors, thicknesses, and disappearing ink effects.




With the Split-Screen feature, you can compare multiple images or connect two document cameras in your interactive flat panel
 and present them in a side-by-side or quad-view.



Spotlighting Your Highlight

Use the innovative new spotlight feature, teachers can manually crop an area to focus the attention of the students on a spot. 




With the mask feature, you can directly click the cursor around the mask frame to modify the length and width of the block to cover an area of your demonstration material.




Video Recording

With Video Recording feature, you can record your onscreen activities and save the video in a MP4 format.



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