Embedded camera and mic array modules

MYSHER provides customized design services for diversified embedded camera and microphone array modules for the video conferencing and commercial display industries. These designs can be integrated into IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Display) smart interactive boards and various types of conference screens. Our modules cover a wide range of applications, including built-in 4K cameras for commercial display conference screens, built-in cameras for laptops, self-service terminals, vending machines, biometric facial recognition systems, smart retail, financial ATM equipment, industrial cameras, and logistics robots, among others. Additionally, we also support customized development and design according to ODM specifications.

MA8621 8-Microphone Array

• Board Dimension: 72 x 35mm<br/> • 8-Microphone array<br/> • 10 meters sound pickup<br/> • Support Beam-Forming & Far-field audio pickup<br/> • Support audio echo cancellation (AEC)<br/> • USB2.0,UAC-driver free<br/>

MA401 4-Microphone Array

Module Size: 135x13mm<br/> 4-Microphone array<br/> Support dual-channel AEC recovery<br/> Support A3 (AEC, AGC, ANC) algorithms<br/> 5-8 meters sound pickup<br/> USB 2.0<br/>

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