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Mysher has many years of experience in software development such as image processing, professional scanning and video conferencing. We provide a complete software solution scheme and custom software development services. Our software includes: OfficeCam document scanning software, CamBook book scanning software, VisualCam visualizer software, scanner TWAIN, CmScan image scanning software, SDK development kit, and ViiTALK ROOMS cloud video conferencing system. By integrating the advantages of Mysher's software, hardware products can be made even more powerful and superior!

ViiBoard Interactive Whiteboard Software

ViiBoard is an interactive visualizer software specially designed for Android or Windows Interactive Flat-Panel Displays. With this powerful visualizer software, teachers can draw and add annotate on the screen with various annotation tools. It also allows teachers to capture the screen image or record the video content during the demonstration. You can even pinch-to-zoom, rotate, mirror, flip, and freeze the image with its multipoint touch feature or enable the split-screen to compare the photos to enhance your classroom experience.

ViiCheck Roll Call Software

Mysher brings an advanced face recognition system into the classroom, ViiCheck allows you to quickly and accurately count the attendance status of each student. This new method implements a classroom roll call system based on face detection technology, helps teachers reduce the time taken for roll call, increases classroom attendance, and improves teaching effects. Coming Soon!

ViiCard Business Card Management Software

The ViiCard provides a secure and reliable contact management system for your team collaboration. With the ViiCard client software, users can quickly scan a batch of business cards and store them on the cloud via a (UVC) camera or (TWAIN) scanner and share contact information anytime anywhere.

ViiCam Camera Control App

Support 4K@30fps video decoding<br/> H.265 Video Compression<br/> ePTZ Auto Framing<br/> Voice Tracking<br/> Audio 3A Algorithm<br/>

OfficeCam DocCam Software

OfficeCam is a powerful scanning software for camera-based scanners. This software allows you quickly to scan all types of documents from the name card to book into JPEG or other image format files. It supports scan photos, documents, books, recognize the barcodes, and record video. All of your scanned images can be converted to PDF or editable Word/Excel/ePub/Txt files with the embedded OCR function. Along with these great features, you can use the OfficeCam scanning software with your camera device to get great results while scanning books. For example, it can automatically flatten curved pages, erases fingers from the scanned photos, repairs the damaged edges of documents, rotates pages based on text orientation, and automatically splits double-page into separate images.

VisualCam Visualizer Software

VisualCam is a multi-functional education visualizer software specially designed for visualizers, it provides a full-screen window and various annotation functions that allows you directly add annotations on the live window by using the free-hand drawing tools, enable the mask or spotlight modes, zoom, and rotate the image, freeze the live video, change the resolution, and adjust brightness. With this powerful visualizer software, you can easily present or pre-record any teaching materials in various ways, like taking snapshots, recording videos by enabling picture-in-picture, scanning documents, creating stop motion videos, comparing images by split-screen, or using the interactive whiteboard function and more.

ViiTalk Rooms Video Conference System

ViiTALK ROOMS is a cloud-based video conferencing system that lets you turn any meeting room display into a powerful video conferencing phone. With ViiTALK ROOMS, you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD video conferencing with up to 300 participants, without any registration or OPS equipment. You can also share your screen wirelessly from any device, schedule meetings in advance, and use real-time AI voice-to-text translation. ViiTALK ROOMS supports Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS platforms, and can be deployed on public or private cloud servers. ViiTALK ROOMS is a smart and simple solution for your video conference needs. Learn more: Download now:


CamShop is a powerful piece of document scanning software for USB based document cameras. This software allows the user to quickly scan images or documents into JPEG or PDF files. It can create text OCRs and output the results to editable Word/Text/Excel formats. The software recognizes 1-D or 2-D bar codes, makes photocopies and can print them with a printer. It can scan and send the scanned files by email or even record a video clip. It Integrates many powerful image processing algorithms, such as image scanning to B&W binary, keeping red content, removal of undesired shadows, color enhancement, auto repair of damaged document edges, automatic rotation based on text orientation, automatic image cropping, and auto page-flip detection.


CamBook is intelligent book scanning software. It has the ability to auto scan when the scanner detects a page being turned, enhance the text of scanned documents, recognize documents using built-in OCR function, correct for curved or creased pages, and erase fingers from the scanned image. It quickly scans pages and easily converts those scanned pages into more useful formats such as JPG, PDF, searchable PDF, Word, Excel, and Text files. In addition, this software integrates very powerful algorithms. For example, it can rotate pages based on text orientation and automatically split double-page into two separate images. This allows large books to be scanned and archived very quickly and with ease.

Mysher Scan

Mysher Scan is professional piece of image scanning software that integrates a variety of smart image processing techniques to process and optimize a wide range of common images such as documents, old photos, courier receipts, licenses, business cards, printed magazines, and books.


Mysher's TWAIN DS integrates a variety of image algorithm and export functions. It’s any scanner manufacturer’s first choice. TWAIN DS can be integrated with the Software Development Kit (SDK) to quickly call the TWAIN-compatible application. It’s suitable for platform scanners, multi-function machines, digital cameras, and other hardware.


The CamSDK owns the core technology of Mysher. It is a custom software designed for a secondary development from customer's requirements and is adapted to the main programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, Power Builder, Delphi, VB, and HTML. It can quickly meet the needs of various types of custom and development software from customers. Let your software directly call Mysher Document Camera to better serve your work and hence improves office efficiency.

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