Machine Vision Camera Modules

Recently the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is ubiquitous and is used in a wide range of life applications.

Mysher provides custom design services of AI lens modules which can be applied to vending machines, facial recognition, smart retail, ATM equipment, industrial cameras and logistics robots.

MU2C / MU2D (Q-Type)

The MU2C & MU2D are the 1080P wide dynamic range camera modules, this series modules can be widely used for face recognition and liveness detection industries. By integrating with Mysher face recognition and liveness detection technologies, it can identify counterfeit photos, mask covering, concealing and remaking from the screen, so as to protect user's rights against fraud.


The MU1I camera module is enabled with humidity-proof, fog-proof and wide-angle lens for the utilization of new wholesale vending machines. Its smart automatic heating and defogging and adaptive light-sensing features can record the sale status from the vending machine.

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