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About Mysher

Beijing Mysher Technology Co., Ltd is a U.S.-Chinese joint venture and was established in 2008. We specialize in the document scanning, video conferencing product design, software algorithm developments, and OEM/ODM manufacturing services. Mysher is committed to providing the latest technological solutions to the office space, education, finance, insurance, logistics, and government industries. Based on our core technology, customers can quickly integrate and build their products, then bring them to the market. Currently Mysher has nearly 200 employees countrywide responsible for the company’s hardware/software design, OEM/ODM manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical support and customization services.


Our product range includes a variety of HD document cameras for every environment, visual presenters, large A3 format flatbed scanners, auto document feeder scanners, video conferencing devices, and machine vision camera modules.


Our Corporate Values and Philosophy

We uphold the business philosophy of “integrity, respect, persistence, and innovation”. We are sensitively to the market demands and quick response, focusing on providing cost-effective ODM/OEM products and high-quality customer service to customers at home and abroad. Looking into the future with a global mind, we will closely follow the pace of global intelligent industrial development and strive to become a world-class smart hardware and cloud service high-tech enterprise.

OEM / ODM Service

Mysher’s R&D team is composed of experienced and skilled engineers exclusively dedicated to the development of technologies related to creative product design and smart image processing. We understand customers’ expectation of products on the details and we provide innovative technologies and good services to satisfy their requirements, such as OEM/ODM services on the brand new product engineering and design, from the initial design to production. Also we are offering customization services on our standard product lines in which customer can leverage the ready-made modular design and standard design features to respond their needs and accelerate the time to market. 

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Commitment to Quality

From production to shipment, each work process is based on a strict quality control process, all processes are guaranteed by quality system to achieve customer satisfaction. Our production quality system complies with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and CCC certification. In order to control the production process and quality, we have set up many systems to prevent human error, such as central operation standard book management system, process management system, quality automatic warning system, education and training system, equipment parameter control system, correction and preventive measurement system. All operators work under the relevant management system to ensure the quality and consistency.

Green Manufacturing

In order to have an ecological environment, we have implemented strict controls on the use of hazardous substances by producing products that are RoHS and REACH compliant only. We strictly control the materials used in the products and avoid harmful substances in the products.In addition, our quality control policies periodically update the quality control standards and keep up with the latest international standards to be more environmentally conscious and meet the needs of consumers.



  • K36 dual-lens scanner product won 2021 IF Design Award. 
  • Launched a lightweight and portable type P4U 4K USB Visualizer for remote learning. 
  • Launched 1st generation P4W 4K Wi-Fi Visualizer for the education market. 
  • Launched VisualCam visualizer software. 
  • Launched M2 Plus 4K video camera with support auto framing feature.
  • Launched S21 large A2-size document camera. 


  • Established Shenzhen branch office and set up sales and R&D teams.
  • Launched new gen. ViiTALK video conferencing system with support 100 parties and compatible with multi-platform. 
  • Launched a series of embeddable camera & microphone array modules for the LCD market. 
  • K36 dual-lens book scanner won the 2020 Golden Pin Design Award.


  • Announced ViiTALK all-in-one conference system.
  • Announced a series of video conference accessories, including 2.4G wireless microphone, USB microphone, and wireless screen cast.
  • Announced high definition 18-megapixel document and book scanners.


  • Shenzhen Mysher Technology Co., Ltd established (Mysher Shenzhen subsidiary) in charge of OEM / ODM business.
  • Announced second generation ViiTALK X2 1080P video conferencing device.
  • Developed book scanning algorithm.
  • Developed structural document cloud system.


• Founded Shenzhen factory.
• Founded Hsinchu, Taiwan R&D center & oversea sales division.
• Developed high speed A3 flatbed scanners.
• Developed CamShop document scanning software.
• Announced first generation ViiTALK X1 1080P video conferencing device for personal user.
• Announced VP2400FZ visualizer with 22X optical zoom.


  • Founded Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Xi'an branch offices.
  • Started the development of ViiTALK cloud-based video conferencing system.


  • Founded Chang Sha Software R&D Center.
  • Developed first generation video camera software and video conferencing system.


• Announced a serial of document camera software (CamScan, CamShow, and CamSDK development kit).


  • Founded Beijing VIISAN Technology Co., Ltd. and started own brand sales and marketing in China.
  • Started the development of CamSDK with integrated image processing algorithm.


  • Announced first generation TWAIN scanning driver.
  • Announced first generation 5-megapixel A4 size document camera device.



• Started the development of TWAIN scanning driver.


  • Developed first generation film scanner software (NimoFilm).
  • Founded Shen Zhen branch office.


  • Announced first generation NimoCard name card scanning software.
  • Started the development of document camera software.


  • Beijing Mysher Technology Co., Ltd established
  • Developed first generation business card scanning software (NimoCard)

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