Professional Image Scanning Solution

Mysher A3 Large Format Scanner for Professional Image Scanning

The cultural and creative industry has great potential with its development in recent years, particularly in the arts, publishing industries, craft industries, and other design-related work. As a professional, you need a high-resolution, easy-to-use scanner to handle high-volume and graphics-intensive professional scanning requirements, such as photo, graphic artwork, and other large format document reproductions or magazine and book collections, etc.





The VF series is the best A3 large-format scanners for professional quality imaging, the VF series features in frameless and narrow boundary with detachable lid design, which can meet all your diverse scanning needs. Besides, those scanners comes bundled with a powerful software, which includes advanced features such as scanning to Folder/PDF/Email/Print, creating text OCR or opening scans with a specified application. It can easily customize your scan tasks based on your requirements for different types of documents.