Video Conferencing Solution

The Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Personal and Business.


ViiTALK for Home Users

Most young people today choose to leave their hometowns and go to big cities to pursue a better life. In big cities, they are far away from their family and friends, and they often see each other after quite a long time. To solve this problem, Mysher has launched ViiTALK and many other video chat devices.


ViiTALK for Enterprise  

ViiTALK X2 video conferencing equipment convenient all-in-one design enables HD 1080P multi-party video quality by connecting large LCD TVs or personal monitors, making enterprise video conferencing simpler and cost-effective.



ViiTALK for Personal 

ViiTALK C960 is a HD 1080P network camera for personal and small office users. It has H.264 video compression technology, and it can be used conveniently and quickly without losing the picture quality.