Boosting the development of science, Mysher launches AI technology

Boosting the development of science, Mysher launches AI technology

On May 29th 2019, Baidu Brain Ecological Cooperation Program and AI Market Conference was held in Shenzhen, As an important ecological partner of Baidu brain. Mysher Technology was invited to the conference.

Beijing Mysher Technology Co., Ltd is a technology oriented company specializing in the development of smart imaging products and technology development. It is a sino-foreign equity joint venture (International Student Enterprise). Since its establishment in 2008, it has been focusing on design. developing, manufacturing, and marketing of software algorithm development, image recognition processing, video conferencing systems, AI cameras modules, and document cameras and scanner, etc.




Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology and applications have reached a rapid development phase. By 2030, the scale of AI core industry will exceed 1 trillion RMB, driving the related industries to exceed 10 trillion RMB. From the theory to the application level, the development of aI has been accelerated with the profound learning and developing framework and the support from platforms.

The application of artificial intelligence is booming and at its early stage. It is still a complex system engineering problem due to the challenges from technology, sales, marketing, and money when it comes to the business innovation and the practical application. Therefore, Mysher is committed to simplifying AI application and introducing AI in our daily life.